406 Soccer Foundation was established by like-minded soccer enthusiasts who desired to have a
designated and adequate field available to all ages to play soccer. While soccer has had deep
roots for children in the Flathead Valley, little to no activity was present for adults.
The Flathead Valley hosts two beautiful complexes for soccer, but recreation and use is strictly
limited to youth development programs. 406 Soccer Foundation was created to address the lack
of adequate fields available to the community at large. At 406 Soccer Foundation, we feel that
healthy living and recreation should not be limited to youth alone but encouraged through all
stages of life.

As a global sport, soccer provides the impetus for all members of our community to engage with
one another in a positive and healthy outlet. The soccer field is globally recognized as a space
where individuals of all ages and creed can gather to celebrate, recreate and build community.
406 Soccer Foundation desires to foster an environment where diversity and tolerance is
celebrated and further, used to break down social, economic and racial barriers. In an age where technology increasingly alienates individuals, 406 Soccer Foundation desires to build community
and relationship through a simple sport.

There are currently two recognized outdoor adult leagues in the Flathead Valley. In Whitefish,
the Flathead Rapids Organization currently oversees a Men’s Competitive and Co-Ed
Recreational League. In Kalispell, a growing 7 vs. 7 Co-ed Competitive League hosted by the
City of Kalispell continues to expand. The focus in our inaugural year for 406 Soccer is to build
fields in Kalispell available to adults for pick-up and league uses, and as an additional green
space for the community. A Board of Directors and 501 (3)(c) status under the Flathead
Community Foundation has enabled 406 Soccer Foundation to move forward in our mission.

Board of Directors

406 Soccer Foundation maintains a Board of Directors comprised of individuals who come from
diverse backgrounds, both locally and globally. We recognize the universal need for relationship
and community, and see the Foundation as a catalyst to nurture diversity for residents through
the global sport of soccer. The Board of Directors is comprised of stakeholders who have a
breadth of experience spanning the non-profit, private, educational, and government sectors.

Name Role
Bledy Doda President
Alejandro Calderon Vice President
Roy Doolan Treasurer
Tom Menke Secretary
Adam Baumann Public Speaking, Writing; Fundraising
Sam Boar Technical Specialist, Fundraising
Larry Larscheid Fundraising
Jesse Mahugh Fundraising
Adam Paugh Marketing, Design, and Finance
Kris Robertson Marketing and Design
Chau Young Copywriting, Editing, Marketing